A British Heritage Brand

Sellotape’s® story is woven with resourcefulness, thoughtfulness and a hint of nostalgia. 

Our Story

An Iconic roll of tape. A household classic. Quintessentially British.  


West London, 1937. Sellotape®, the stickiest and thickest tape in the market, was invented by Colin Kininmonth and George Gray.

Widely adopted and used during World War II to seal ammunition boxes and help protect windowpanes to minimise bomb damage, the following decades saw heavy investment in the production of Sellotape® and diversification of its product range.

After being re-launched in 2010 by Henkel, Sellotape® continues to be the nation’s favourite tape brand.


It is now synonymous with everyday life from past to present, from joining in the war effort in the 1940s to helping millions of presents keep their secrets safely hidden today. Sellotape® continues to be the tape market leader and even has its very own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Plant-Based Champion

Plastic-free wrapping just got easier!   

At Henkel, we understand that small changes can make a big difference. That’s why the nation’s favourite tape is now available in 0% plastic.


Sellotape® Zero Plastic allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: reducing plastic waste without compromising on quality.

0% plastic

This Zero Plastic, plant-based tape is made with cellulose film and naturally based glue, both derived from plant-based renewable resources.

So, next time you’re looking to try your hand at crafting or wrap the perfect present, why not do so mindfully with Sellotape® Zero Plastic?