How to wrap a bottle  

Bottles can be very difficult to wrap – it almost feels that you don't have enough hands to wrap your gift. Don't worry, though! Sellotape® On-Hand dispenser has got you covered.

Collect your materials:

  • Wrapping paper
  • A bottle
  • An On-Hand Sellotape® dispenser and refill

Follow this guide to find out how you can use Sellotape® On-Hand dispenser to beautifully wrap your bottle, ready to gift to someone special.  

Let's Get Started  

Step 1

Cut your wrapping paper

Put the bottle into the middle of the wrapping paper and cut to size in a triangle shape.

Step 2

Fold the triangle

Fold the triangle in half, and then back on itself, leaving a gap.

Step 3

Continue folding

Repeat step three to create a zigzag pattern.

Step 4

Continue folding

Continue folding until you have folded all of one half. Stretch the paper to reveal the design.

Step 5

Stick the material down

Whilst holding the Sellotape® On-Hand dispenser, roll the bottle into the triangle. While holding the bottle, take the end of the zigzag folding and press it onto the bottle edge and hold both ends with one thumb. You can now use the handy Sellotape® On-Hand dispenser to tape your bottle wrapping together.

Step 6

Time to impress!

Gift your beautifully wrapped bottle with the Sellotape® On-Hand dispenser and impress your family, friends or colleagues with your thoughtful design.