How to wrap a present

Do you have a present for a friend's birthday, a Father's Day Gift or a special someone for Christmas – but unsure how to wrap it? 

Collect your materials:

  • A roll of wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • A roll of Original Golden tape

With this simple guide using our extra sticky and easy tear Original Golden tape, we'll show you how to ensure your present is beautifully wrapped.  

Let's Get Started  

Step 1

Cut your wrapping paper

Using your scissors, cut the wrapping paper to the required size. To find the right size, place the present in the middle of the wrapping paper. There should be enough paper on each side of the present to cover it completely.

Step 2

Begin wrapping

Begin by taking two sides of the wrapping paper and overlapping them over the present. Cut your Sellotape® using your hand or scissors, and stick these overlapped pieces together.

Step 3

Wrap the remaining sides

Fold the end pieces in and over the top of the gift, as tight as possible. Do the same for both ends.

Step 4

Tape the ends

Use Sellotape® Original Golden to stick these folded ends of the present together.

Step 5

Gift your present!

Your present is now beautifully wrapped and ready to create a twinkle in someone’s eyes.