How to make a scrapbook

Are you feeling creative, and looking for a way to collect all of your favourite photographs and memories?

Collect your materials:

  • A range of materials and photos you’d like in the scrapbook
  • A scrapbook
  • A roll of Double-Sided Tape

Follow this guide to find out how to make your own unique scrapbook using the extra sticky Sellotape® Double Sided Tape, which is perfect for any crafting project!

Let's Get Started  

Step 1

Plan your design

Design the layout of the scrapbook page and lay down the materials. Stick the Sellotape® on to the back of the material.

Step 2

Use your Double-Sided Tape

Peel the back off oft he tape, separating the two layers and revealing the sticky side of the tape.

Step 3

Stick the material down

Using the sticky side of the tape, stick the material down onto the page.

Step 4

Enjoy your scrapbook!

Enjoy your scrapbook, thanks to Sellotape's® Double-Sided tape!