How to repair a ripped photo

Ripped a favourite photo?

Collect your materials.
You will need:

  • A photo frame
  • The ripped photo
  • A pair of scissors
  • Sellotape’s® Super Clear tape

Follow this simple guide to find out how to repair it using Sellotape® Super Clear Tape!

Let's Get Started  

Step 1

Align your photo

Line up the two pieces of the ripped photo.

Step 2

Cut the required tape

Cut the required length of Sellotape® Super Clear tape to cover the entire length of the rip. With the photo aligned, place the tape over the rip.

Step 3

Stick the tape down

Smooth Sellotape® Super Clear tape down, sealing the two pieces of the photo together.


Step 4

Frame the photo

Put the repaired photo in a frame.

Step 5

Admire your repaired photograph!

Admire the photograph of your favourite memory, with the help of Sellotape® Super Clear tape!