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SELLOTAPE Double-Sided Tape



SELLOTAPE Double-Sided Tape, Translucent, 12mmx33m

Packaging Size Make your selection 12mmx33m

Features and benefits

SELLOTAPE Double-Sided Tape is ideal for arts and crafts with hundreds of craft uses such as for scrap books, mounting photos and exhibition work or decorations. The strong wrapping tape is easy to tear by hand without the need for scissors, making it quick and easy to use for almost anyone. It is also easy to unroll with the easy-to-remove backing strip.

How to use SELLOTAPE Double-Sided Tape?

Ensure all surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from dust

Unroll desired length of tape from roll

Tear tape by holding tape between thumb and forefingers or cut on tape dispenser serrated blade

Apply to one surface, taking care not to twist or crease the tape

Remove lining paper and immediately apply other surface to be bonded onto the top side of the tape

Apply light finger pressure onto the applied tape to ensure good adhesion

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