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SELLOTAPE Matt Tape, Translucent, 18mmx25m

Packaging Size Make your selection 18mmx25m

Color Make your selection Translucent

Features and benefits

SELLOTAPE Clever Tape has an invisible finish when applied to white paper and even when photocopied, Ideal for repairing documents - As the tape can not be seen it is ideal for repairing and joining documents, Multi-purpose - Not only can it be used as a tape, it also allows you to write on it with pen, pencil and markers

How to use SELLOTAPE Matt Tape?

Ensure all surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from dust.

Unroll desired length of tape from roll

Tear tape by holding tape between thumb and forefingers or cut on tape dispenser serrated blade

Apply to surfaces taking care not to twist or crease the tape

Apply light finger pressure onto the applied tape to ensure good adhesion

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