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SELLOTAPE Sticky Fixers



SELLOTAPE Sticky Fixers, White, 56pieces

Packaging Size Make your selection 56pieces

Color Make your selection White

Features and benefits

SELLOTAPE Sticky Fixers have a strong double-sided adhesion, the pre-cut pads are easy to remove from the backing paper. It gives a secure fit on uneven surfaces. SELLOTAPE has the perfect range of products for any craft activity whether it is card making or your kids school projects. It is an easy to use and high quality sticky pads meaning your creations will last.

How to use SELLOTAPE Sticky Fixers?

Ensure all surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free from dust

Remove a pad from the sheet

Apply to one surface, taking care not to twist or crease the tape

Remove lining paper and immediately apply other surface to be bonded onto top side of the tape

Apply light finger pressure onto the applied tape to ensure good adhesion

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